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Any entities of ROED LTD. and officers and employees thereof shall not be liable for your loss of ROED Tokens after it is transferred to you by any reason including but not limited to your failure to maintain or backup an accurate record of your password or password cracking by somebody due to your poor maintenance of your password.

ROED LTD. will do its best to launch its operations and develop the ROED Token and App as per schedule and plans. Any person undertaking to acquire ROED Tokens acknowledges and understands however that ROED LTD. does not provide any warranty as to the release of the ROED APP. They acknowledge and understand therefore that ROED LTD. (including its bodies and employees) assumes no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that would result from or relate to the incapacity to use the ROED Token/ROED App.

Regulatory authorities are carefully scrutinizing businesses and operations associated to Crypto Tokens in the world. In that respect, regulatory measures, investigations or actions may impact ROED LTD’s business and may limit or prevent it from developing its operations in the future. Any person undertaking to acquire ROED Tokens must be aware that ROED LTD’s business model or the ROED App and its existing platforms may change or need to be modified because of new regulatory and compliance requirements from any applicable laws in any jurisdictions. In such case, purchasers and any person undertaking to acquire ROED Tokens acknowledge and understand that neither ROED LTD. nor any of its affiliates shall be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damages caused by such changes.

By participating in the Crowd Sale of the ROED Token, the purchaser represents and warrants to ROED LTD. that:

  • You are authorized and have full power to purchase ROED Tokens according to the laws that apply in your jurisdiction of domicile.

  • You are solely responsible for determining whether the acquisition of ROED Tokens is appropriate for you.

  • You are not acting as an agent on behalf of any other person or entity who wishes to purchase ROED Tokens or participate in its token sale.

  • You have carefully considered the risks, costs, and any other demerits of acquiring ROED Tokens and understood such the risks, costs, and any other demerits associated with ROED LTD. and its token sale.

  • You are not acting for the purpose of speculative investment.

  • You agree and acknowledge that ROED Token/ROED App does not constitute securities in any form in your jurisdiction.

  • You agree and acknowledge that this whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities in your jurisdiction or a solicitation for investment in securities.

  • You agree and acknowledge that no regulatory authority has examined or approved of the information set out in this whitepaper, no such action has been or will be taken under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules of any jurisdiction and the publication, distribution or dissemination of this whitepaper to you does not imply that the applicable laws, regulatory requirements or rules have been complied with.


The Whitepaper or the ROED Token website does not include nor contain any information or indication that might be considered as a recommendation or that might be used as a basis for any investment decision.


Neither ROED LTD. nor any of its officers and employees are to be or shall be considered as advisor in any legal, tax or financial matters.


Acquiring ROED Tokens shall not grant any right or influence over ROED LTD’s organization and governance to the purchasers.


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